Extração de azeiteAt the Fio Dourado mill, the most advanced oil extraction technology is available to olive growers.

The processing of the olives delivered by each customer is always done separately, thus ensuring that the oil obtained results from that same olive.

We currently have three extraction lines, which work through the centrifuge system. These are fully automated, allowing total and immediate control of the process at all stages. The extraction process is strictly monitored in order to maximize production yield.

The olives that arrive at Fio Dourado are processed as quickly as possible (maximum 24 hours), in order to ensure the quality of the oil. All equipment that comes into contact with the olives and oil is suitable for food products, thus guaranteeing the food safety of the final product.




embalamentoFio Dourado has a modern olive oil storage and packaging unit. We provide the packaging service to customers who produce their olive oil here or to other customers who wish to sell olive oil under their own brand. In the latter case, we have batches of olive oil already prepared or we can prepare batches with the desired characteristics, if the quantity justifies it.



Our technicians maintain contact with olive growers throughout the year, in order to advise on cultural practices (phytosanitary treatments, fertilization, irrigation, pruning, etc.), with a view to the good development of olive groves, to maximize yields. and improving the quality of olive oil.

Olive growers can use our laboratory, where we carry out analyzes of the fat content of olives and their extractability, as parameters to support the decision on the harvest date.